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Superconducting Magnets

  • For magnetic fields of 5-9 Tesla at 4.2k, our supererconducting coils are wound from multifilamentary NbTi copper composite conductor, bonded in epoxy. This process provides maximum stability, and is guaranteed to eliminate flux jumping and associated heat generation.
  • By maintaining flexibility over the specification and integration of the magnet, electronics, temperature controller and cryostat, KR TECH is able to offer magnet systems with performance characteristics tailored to individual experimental and budgetary requirements.
  • KR TECH’s staff of physicists and engineers has extensive experience in the design and operation of supererconducting magnet systems and is uniquely qualified to assist you with every step of your system purchase, from experimental design through post-installation superport.


  • Design and Manufacturing of 7 Tesla superconducting magnet for KAERI.
  • Design and Manufacturing of Helmholtz type Superconducting magnet for KEK.
  • Design and manufacturing of 28Ghz ECR Ion Source Superconducting magnet for KBSI, RISP.